Frequently asked questions for Newborn sessions

How do I prepare my home?

I will bring all the necessary equipment such as:

  • lighting,
  • backdrop stand,
  • fabrics to use as backdrops and wraps,
  • a bean bag to lay baby on and
  • much more.
It is a busy time for you so as long as I have a workspace that is clean, has a powerpoint and is clutter free, I will have all I need. You can view my Newborn Session Guide for other helpful tips to prepare for the session.

Why do you allow up to 4 hours for a session

I have a flow of poses and positions that I like to follow during each session. Some newborns follow this workflow, others may not do some poses and prefer to be wrapped nice and snug. I prefer to be patient and let the baby guide the session. I work at their pace to safely pose them, never rushing or forcing a newborn into position. Baby's are on their own schedule and often need cuddles and feeding throughout the session. We take all the breaks you and baby need to stay comfortable and relaxed whilst still allowing time to create a gallery full of beautiful images.

My newborn has jaundice/scratches/pimples or peeling skin, what should I do?

Firstly, if you have concerns please seek the advice of a medical professional. It can be common in newborns to have jaundice, scratch themselves with their tiny nails, have little spots and milk pimples and flakey skin as they are adjusting to the outside world. I will retouch as needed or requested, in addition to other enhancements, to achieve the beautiful images you see in my portfolio.

Do you travel to my home or have a studio?

For the convenience of my clients, I love to travel to your home. Being in a familiar environment will keep you and your newborn more relaxed and you don't have the stress of driving and arriving at the session on time. The warmth of your home and love for your family will show in the images and has a much more intimate feel than in a studio set up. And that is more the essence of my style. I do have a small but efficient studio space in my home as well and all my clients are wlecome to request either option.

What happens if someone is ill on the day, including you as the photographer?

Sickness happens to us all and health always comes first in my book. Please let me know at your earliest convenience and we can discuss rescheduling to the first mutually available date possible. If I am unwell, I will contact you as soon as possible. I will offer to reschedule and also provide some additional options to ensure you don't miss capturing your baby in the first few weeks.

Can I get all the unedited images (RAW) you take on the day?

Unedited files are unavailable for viewing or purchase. The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect my high standards of imagery and everything else is deleted post- session.

Can I take photos on my phone while you are photographing?

I am happy for you to take pictures behind the scenes, in fact, I would love you to include me in them and them with me as well. I just ask that you are mindfull that I am working and do need to focus on your baby with as little interuption as possible. The images you take on your phone of this time will be precious but will be very different to those I provide in your final gallery.

How many images will we get to proof and choose our digital images and prints from?

The number of photographs taken depends on many things:

  • how your newborn baby is on the day,
  • how many set ups we get through (typically 2-3 on the beanbag and 2 or 3 with props on the floor) and
  • if we are capturing sibling / family portraits as well.
Typically a proofing gallery is between 40 - 60 images.

How long after the session will we expect to see the proofing gallery?

You will be provided a full viewing gallery 4 weeks after the session. I endeavour to provide you with images as soon as possible so I do like to share one or two sneak peek images within the week following the session.

Once the final gallery has been selected, how long until prints are delivered?

I have specialist, professional printing companies that I use within Australia and New Zealand. I have choosen these companies because of their incredibly beautiful products and their service. There are varying delivery times depending on the products ordered, and Australia Post of course, however general turn-around time is 2 weeks from the date of order.

I am worried that my baby will wee or poo.....

This is completely normal and expected. Please sit back, relax, and let me handle any accidents and nappy changes.

Do you need mum and/or dad's help during the session?

For the most part, you can sit back and enjoy some you time. There are some poses where I will ask for assistance to ensure your baby's safety or I may need help changing a blanket while attempting to keep baby sound asleep. I do ask though that you don't schedule any visits from family and friends on the session day so you are available if need be.

Can I give you images from Pinterest/Google/Facebook for inspiration?

I can certainly draw inspiration from images you show me in terms of colours, outfits and set-ups. There are certain poses I don't include in my workflow purely because I always have babies safety on the forfront of my mind. I love creating simple, timeless, set-ups that focus on your baby as the centre piece and adding little touches of colour with fabrics or props. Feel free to browse my Newborn portfolio and have a look at my Facebook business page for additional client galleries. If there is someting you have seen that really would like to include and I don't currently have the item in my own prop supplies, we can look at purchasing and discuss cost at the time of booking. I also won't exactly replicate another photographer's work as we each have our own styles and they are generally very unique.

I really don't feel comfortable in front of the camera, can we just have images of our newborn?

I completely understand that so shortly after giving birth you might not feel ready to have your picture taken. However, I do encourage parent images even if it is just with your hands or a stunning black and white backlit image. The images of you and your husband with your little baby can be the most precious images of them all.